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Susan Kramer Pottery

Vermont made Pottery since 1997

Red and Orange

Don't be shy. Sure the red dress always stands out in the crowd so why not add bright red or coral to your dinner table. Orange can highlight the season or balance out blues, just like you learned during grade school while studying the color wheel.

Sample combinations using CORAL, yellow, ORANGE and cornflower blue

Yellow and Green

A regular customer recently told me that he was told to never pass up buying a yellow mug. Not sure why, but I can guess that yellow is the color of sunshine and lemonade, sunflowers and corn.                       It's simply cheerful.

Green is the color my eyes crave in the dead of winter after months and months of observing nature's grey palette. 

Green is green- we need green to breathe.

About the Blues

New blues from the color tile above and from clockwise are:

Moody Blue, Caribbean, Blueish, Deep Water

New off-blues from the color tile to the left and from clockwise are:

Jade, Turquoise, Cornflower, and Aqua